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Esthetic front tooth implant

This patient lost a front tooth due to an accident that caused external resorption, a condition in which the root deteriorates. Dr. Essenmacher used a temporary implant crown to shape the gums to give them the perfect contour for her new implant crown. Please note that the "before" picture has the abutment in place (the piece that is screwed onto the implant and creates a ledge for the crown to be cemented to).

Changed my idea of dentists!

August 12, 2018 - This team has truly changed my idea of dentists. You cannot teach this level of genuine kindness and care you show to your patients. I've had quite a few cavities filled by them, and what should be awful is somehow overshadowed by their care and concern for me the patient. It's more than words, it's also actions. Touches of reassurance and encouragement after painful numbing shots or a quick jaw massage after hours of your mouth open. Everyone from the receptionist to billing to dental assistants and hygienists and the DR herself are absolutely amazing and make you feel so very Comfortable and honestly like family. I always thought all dentists were horrible and then I realized I'd just been to the wrong ones. H. L.

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