Crowns and Bridges in Northeast Heights, NM

Dr. Lindsay Essenmacher believes in a preventive approach when it comes to your dental care. We always do our best to help you protect your teeth and stop problems quickly and effectively. When you think about it, however, our teeth really take a beating from day-to-day use. It is no surprise that sometimes they sustain damage.

At Essenmacher Dental, we offer high-quality dental restorations to repair your teeth and complete your smile. For fractured teeth, we offer protective dental crowns. If you have a missing tooth, we can provide options such as a dental bridge to complete your smile.

Custom Dental Crowns

Having a comfortable, functional bite is important. Dr. Essenmacher creates crowns that look great, feel comfortable, and can provide many years of protection for a damaged tooth.

A dental crown covers your entire tooth structure above your gum line and is designed to absorb some of the force from chewing. By placing a dental crown over damaged tooth structure, you can prolong the life of your teeth and eat comfortably. Once a tooth sustains a crack, it is more susceptible to continued damage and even tooth loss. That is why stabilizing it as quickly as possible is essential.

We custom create each crown to look great with your smile and fit comfortably. You could think of each dental restoration as a small work of art designed just for you because that is the level of care and attention to detail that goes into each one.

Since we create dental restorations right in our office using CEREC technology, you can often have your restoration completed the same day. This allows us to avoid lengthy lab times and temporary restorations.

CEREC also allows us to take digital impressions of your teeth. Digital scanning is more accurate and does not require goopy impression material that makes some patients gag.

Smile-Saving Dental Bridges

If you do not want dental implants, a fixed dental bridge can still complete your smile and act as a placeholder for your missing tooth. Having a missing tooth can make you feel self-conscious about the way you look and leave a gap that can cause your other teeth to shift. 

A dental bridge is made of two types of dental crowns. Abutment crowns on your healthy adjacent teeth hold an artificial tooth, a pontic crown, in place, making your smile appear seamless. We design bridges to match your smile and to look natural.

Using CEREC technology, we will create your custom fixed dental bridge out of one piece of porcelain. With the proper care, dental bridges can give you years of service and confidence.

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