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When Is a Dental Emergency Immediate and When Can It Wait?

Even patients who have a dedicated home care routine and visit their Albuquerque dentist twice a year can find themselves with a dental emergency out of the blue. Essenmacher Family Dental is here to help if this happens to you.

It’s sometimes confusing to know whether a dental emergency requires an immediate visit or if it can wait until the next few days.

Here are some guidelines to consider.

Pain and Swelling Often Requires Immediate Attention

Most dental conditions remain quiet and progress without severe symptoms until they are advanced enough for nerve involvement. An infected or damaged tooth can become inflamed, starting as minor throbbing pain that can quickly advance into pain ...

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Why Do I Need a Crown after a Root Canal?

While many patients may attempt to avoid root canal treatment, this tooth-saving procedure is a positive way for your Albuquerque dentist to save a tooth that has an infection. 

The pain from root canal treatment stems from the symptoms involved with infection. Once the root canal is complete, you can generally count on feeling significantly better following the root canal and wholly healed within about a week.

Dr. Lindsay Essenmacher may recommend a dental crown after root canal treatment. 

Root Canal Therapy Makes Teeth Brittle

When performing root canals, your dentist will eliminate the infection and diseased tissue from the inside to the tooth’s canal, which also includes the nerve fibers and blood vessels, ...

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5 Reasons to Avoid Gum Disease

If you see pink in the sink when you brush or floss your teeth, the blood you see indicates a common oral infection called periodontal disease. Periodontal disease, also called gum disease, is an infection in your gums that puts your smile –and your overall health – at risk. Because of this, we emphasize regular dental exams and dental cleanings in our Albuquerque dental office.

#1 You Could Lose Teeth

If periodontal disease moves into the underlying bone, it can eat away at the very foundation of your smile. Bone loss leads to tooth loss that can quickly leave gaps in your smile and make it difficult to eat and speak properly. ...

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Should You Choose Implants? Dentures? Try All-on-4!

Missing teeth make it impossible to eat the foods you love, not to mention the impact on your smile. Many edentulous patients would like to replace their missing teeth with single dental implants, but full-mouth implants can feel cost-prohibitive and overwhelming. 

We offer All-on-4 in our Albuquerque dental office to replace teeth on either the upper arch, lower arch, or both arches to complete our patients smiles.

How All-on-4 Works

If you have ever worn complete dentures, you know what a pain they can be, especially when dining out. All it takes is one small flip of the denture, and pretty soon, food gets caught between your denture and palate. Now what? You’re ...

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3 Purposes of Dental Crowns

dental crown

At Essenmacher Family Dental, we strive to repair and protect the teeth you have as part of our preventive dental approach. We use high-quality, tooth-colored crowns for that purpose in our Albuquerque dental office, which gives our patients a reason to smile confidently again.

Crowns Repair Broken Teeth

If you crack or break a tooth while eating, chances are it might have already been damaged from teeth grinding or simply from day-to-day use. To avoid continued damage that leads to a tooth extraction, placing a crown over the tooth reduces sensitivity and absorbs the force from chewing for many years to come.

Our beautiful, custom dental crowns also match your smile and build ...

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3 Strategies to Fight Bad Breath

bad breath | dentist albuquerque nm

If you notice people backing away from you when you speak or your partner avoids kissing you, it can be a sign that you have bad breath. One of the cruel realities of halitosis is that the person who suffers from chronic bad breath sometimes cannot smell the problem.

At our Albuquerque dental office, we will always be honest with you so that you feel confident in your breath and your oral health. 

Here are three tips to avoid bad breath:

Don’t Miss Dental Cleanings

Skipping dental cleanings probably seems like no big deal especially if your teeth do not hurt and the kids need to make it to their soccer matches and school ...

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Is Your Smile New Job Ready?

cosmetic dentistry Albuquerque nm

In today’s competitive world, first impressions are often your only chance to make any impression at all. First dates, job interviews, and speaking to clients puts you – and your smile – in the spotlight.

If the idea of your teeth being visible to the world makes you want to cover your mouth and hide, it might be time to get in touch with your Albuquerque cosmetic dentist, Dr. Lindsay Essenmacher to learn about how modern dentistry can help you make a great first impression.

Your Smile Is Fuels Self-Expression

Are you friendly? Outgoing? Joyful? People are automatically drawn to these personality types, both professionally and in social situations. A big aspect of ...

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