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What to Consider Before Getting a Dental Crown

January 26, 2020
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A dental crown is a cover that goes over a prepared tooth. It is colored and designed to blend with your natural teeth. If you need a tooth crown in Northeast Heights, NM, it may be that you want to conceal discoloration or that you have a tooth weakened by trauma or infection. Perhaps you’ve decided on a dental bridge, which calls for supporting dental crowns. Maybe you need a replacement tooth to top your dental implant post.

We use dental crowns widely across dentistry because they are time-tested and versatile.

Your dentist in Albuquerque will evaluate your smile to see if a tooth crown is right for you.

Reasons You May Need a Tooth Crown in Northeast Heights, NM

If you’ve had a root infection or trauma to your tooth, a dental crown—following treatment—provides support for that tooth to prevent fractures and tooth loss. It works by creating a buffer between your weak tooth and bite force.

If you have a discolored, flawed or misshapen tooth, a tooth crown in Northeast Heights, NM covers these issues and improves your smile.

Some patients with missing teeth opt for a dental bridge, which is a restoration tooth or teeth joined between two tooth crowns. These crowns cap the teeth on either side of the smile gap, allowing your restoration teeth to fill the space.

A tooth crown in Northeast Heights, NM tops a dental implant abutment following healing. This crown is your replacement tooth.

Your dentist in Albuquerque uses quality materials to give you a sturdy, functional, and attractive tooth crown.

Caring for Your Tooth Crown

A tooth crown calls for brushing and flossing regularly and bi-yearly exams and cleanings. You treat your crown, in other words, the same way you treat your adult teeth!

A dental bridge requires a special cleaning brush and floss threader.

Quality Tooth Crowns in Northeast Heights, NM

Contact a member of our dental team to schedule an exam or if you have any questions about dental crowns or tooth replacement.

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