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Why do I need a dental crown on a root canal tooth?

dental crown on a root canal | Albuquerque, NM | Essenmacher Family DentalGentle Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy becomes necessary when the internal tissue of a tooth, or the tissue surrounding the root tip, becomes infected. Infections cause swelling, which can become quite painful, especially when it involves the nerve. Rather than extracting a tooth, we provide gentle root canal treatment in our Albuquerque dental office.

Part of the process involved in root canal treatment is to remove the nerve and blood supply from the tooth canals. Because the tooth structure is intact, but without a blood supply, the tooth can become brittle.

If the tooth is out of occlusion (the bite) and is not subjected to the pressure caused by chewing, a filling may be enough to protect a root canal-treated tooth. In other cases, however, including root canal treatment on a posterior (back) tooth, a dental crown will offer more stability and longevity for your tooth.

Protect Your Root Canal Tooth

In many cases, Dr. Lindsay Essenmacher designs tooth-colored dental crowns in our Albuquerque dental office to protect root canal teeth.

By following through with complete restorative treatment on a troubled tooth, you can prolong the life of your tooth by years – even decades. Saving natural teeth is often the most conservative approach to dentistry. Don’t be discouraged if you need a root canal! It is a tooth-saving procedure that can protect your smile.

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