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Why do I need dental x-rays?

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Dental x-rays give us very important information that helps us evaluate your mouth for periodontal disease, decay between the teeth, certain types of tumors, and tooth infections (abscesses or cysts). We take only the necessary number of images to be able to effectively treat and diagnose oral conditions. Unless you encounter a problem or have a dental emergency, we take x-rays approximately once per year and a full mouth series of x-rays once every five years. Regular x-rays help us to compare changes in your health over time.

Many patients express concern over the radiation associated with dental x-rays. Dental x-rays have always been among the lowest in radiation. Our office only uses digital dental x-rays, which emit a significantly reduced amount of radiation compared to traditional dental films. Digital dental x-rays allow us to download an image of your teeth immediately so that Dr. Essenmacher can make a diagnosis on the spot if you have pain or a dental emergency. Digital x-rays are also better for the environment by eliminating the chemicals required to develop film. Because digital dental x-rays produce high-resolution images, Dr. Essenmacher can make a diagnosis while your condition is still small and treatable.

Not all conditions appear on dental x-rays, but they still afford us with the best method to see what is not visible with a visual exam alone. 

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