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Is it normal for dentures to move when I eat?

dentures move | Albuquerque, NM | Essenmacher Family DentalWhile moving and shifting dentures are a common complaint among edentulous patients (those missing all of their teeth), traditional dentures do little to help patients who have trouble with keeping them in place because the dentures are older and need to replacing or because bone loss makes fitting dentures difficult.

We offer a solution using All-on-4 in our Albuquerque dental office to firmly anchor dentures for added stability.

How All-on-4 Works

Using four strategically placed dental implants, Dr. Lindsay Essenmacher can create an anchor to which dentures can attach. Since the implants are secured in bone, dentures will not move or shift when speaking, laughing, or eating.

All-on-4 requires precise planning.

  • Locate areas of adequate bone
  • Plan dental implant surgery for placement
  • Surgically place dental implants into the jawbone
  • Allow adequate time for the bone and implant to fuse 
  • Create custom dentures that look amazing and natural
  • Fit dentures with the dental implants
  • Enjoy more foods you love and improved confidence

If you have ill-fitting dentures or want to know your options when it comes to innovative All-on-4 dentures, contact our Albuquerque dental practice to arrange a consultation and evaluation. Dr. Essenmacher will help you regain your confidence with a teeth replacement option that works best for you.

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