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Is a kid’s dentist better than a family dentist for my child?

Family Dentistry | Albuquerque, NM | Essenmacher Family DentalAt Essenmacher Family Dental, we believe that a family dentist who is also a children’s dentist is better for the whole family; this includes children.

When your child sees the same dentist that you see, it instills confidence and may make your child feel more grown up.

Benefits of Taking Your Child to the Dentist:

  • The dentist has more experience treating across age groups, which means your child can keep his or her dentist into adulthood
  • A family dentist understands the unique dental traits that run in your family, which means that the dentist will know what to look for in your child’s oral health
  • All your family’s dental records are kept in one location 

At Essenmacher Family Dental, our young patients love coming to our Northeast Heights area family dental office.

Our patient and caring staff always take time to make your child feel welcome and relaxed.

Simply put, at Essenmacher Family Dental, we love treating families, and this includes children. There is just something warm and consistent about family dentistry applied to an entire family.

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