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What qualifies as a dental emergency?

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We understand that sometimes, despite your best efforts to take care of your smile and practice good oral hygiene habits, dental emergencies still happen.

At Essenmacher Family Dental, we always do our very best to accommodate dental emergencies immediately and are often able to schedule an emergency appointment that very same day. 

Often, patients are not sure if they should call our office for an emergency appointment because they are not sure if their situation qualifies as a true “emergency.” If your level of pain is severe enough that it is preventing you from performing your daily tasks, call our office. 

If you lost part of your tooth due to biting too hard or other trauma or impact, call our office. 

If you have lost a filling, crown, or implant, call our office. If you have suffered any damage to your teeth or are experiencing new, sudden symptoms that are causing severe pain or discomfort, call our office.

Every one of Albuquerque, NM patients is important to us. If you are in doubt about whether your injury would be considered a dental emergency, do not hesitate to contact us at (505) 881-0331.

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