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Will my root canal procedure hurt?

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A common question we are asked by our Albuquerque patients is whether their root canal procedure will be painful. Root canal treatments have a reputation for being unpleasant and are even dreaded by many patients. What most people do not realize, however, is that root canal procedures in and of themselves should not typically be painful. 

If you need a root canal procedure performed, it is because there is already an infection in your tooth. This infection leads to pain and causes the area to become inflamed and symptomatic. It is the infection within the tooth that is painful — not the root canal procedure used to clean and save that tooth. When properly performed, root canal procedures should not cause additional pain and will be no more uncomfortable than a traditional filling. 

Recovery is Necessary

As with any dental procedure, your body will need time to heal and recover after the root canal treatment. Mild sensitivity and soreness in the area are to be expected in the days following your root canal. 

At Essenmacher Family Dental, our goal is always to make you feel as safe and comfortable as possible during your treatment. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our caring Albuquerque, NM team today!  

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