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Why do I need a root canal?

root canals in Albuquerque, NM | Essenmacher Family DentalInfection Needs to Be Treated

A root canal refers to the innermost part of the tooth. As with any part of the body, the root canal can develop an infection because of disease or trauma. Because the root canal houses the nerve fibers inside the tooth, the need for root canal treatment is often indicated first because of pain that tends to worsen over time.

We offer therapy for the root canals in our Albuquerque dental office with the intention of saving infected teeth from extraction and to relieve your dental pain.

When symptoms develop, you might first notice sensitivity that becomes a dull throbbing ache. Eventually, without dental treatment, the pain can become sharp, consistent, and all-consuming, which is why we recommend you contact Essenmacher Family Dental at the first sign of a change to your oral health.

Painless Root Canal Therapy

During root canal therapy, Dr. Lindsay Essenmacher will completely numb the area before removing the infection, bacteria, and diseased tissue. Most patients report immediate improvement, though it is common to have some residual sensitivity for a few days after your procedure.

We will discuss all of the details of root canal treatment and post-treatment instructions at your root canal exam in our Albuquerque dental office. If you feel anxiety, our caring team will put your mind at ease with their professional and compassionate approach to dentistry.

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