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My teeth are sensitive. What can I do?

Sensitive Teeth | Albuquerque, NM | Essenmacher Family DentalWhy do teeth become sensitive?

Sensitivity comes from a number of conditions. Malocclusion (a bad bite), misaligned teeth, gum recession, and fractured teeth can all cause sensitivity. A clenching and grinding habit increases your risk of sensitivity. Extreme sensitivity to hot and cold can also indicate the need for a root canal.

Using teeth whitening products and abrasive whitening toothpastes creates sensitivity in some people. Taking a break from these products can resolve your condition.

What can I do about sensitive teeth?

Sensitivity is a common problem among individuals of all ages. There are specialized sensitivity toothpastes you can use at home, or Dr. Essenmacher can also utilize in-office desensitizers to make you more comfortable. 

Fluoride treatments can strengthen enamel and reduce sensitivity, especially when used consistently. A nightguard can protect your teeth from a nocturnal clenching and grinding habit and provide a barrier between your upper and lower teeth that may help you prevent fractures.

Lifestyle habits such as avoiding excessively cold drinks can help to reduce acute sensitivity. And to avoid fracturing a tooth, you should never chew ice, whether you have sensitive teeth or not!

Talk to Dr. Essenmacher about your sensitivity and she can recommend the treatment that is right for you. 


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