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Is teeth whitening safe?

teeth whitening in Albuquerque, NM | Essenmacher Family DentalConsult With Your Doctor Before Teeth Whitening

Patients with generally good oral health should not have problems when choosing teeth whitening in our Albuquerque dental office. To make sure that your mouth is healthy enough for teeth bleaching, Dr. Lindsay Essenmacher will have a look at your next exam or pre-whitening visit. 

Teeth whitening works by bleaching away stains that have collected on the teeth because of coffee, red wine, or tobacco use. Using peroxide, teeth whitening gel penetrates the teeth to whiten stains and give your teeth a brighter appearance. We provide custom whitening trays for the best results.

Some Patients May Experience Sensitivity

In some cases, patients with worn teeth or gum recession might find that their teeth feel sensitive after using teeth whitening agents. We encourage you to follow directions precisely and to use only a small amount of gel per tooth. If you still feel sensitive, you can take a day off between treatments or reduce the amount of time you keep your trays in your mouth. We also offer desensitizing treatments.

The best time to have your teeth whitened is following a professional dental cleaning in our Albuquerque dental office. If it’s time for your next cleaning or you want to learn more about having whiter teeth, give us a call!

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