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My tooth hurts. Do I need a root canal?

root canal albuquerque nm ‚ÄčIf You're Experiencing Pain, See A Doctor

If you’re experiencing pain on a tooth when biting down, or with temperature- usually hot, or with no stimulus at all, it's best to have the tooth examined.   We want you out of pain so scheduling toothaches is a priority – usually the same day.   At your visit we will take x-rays and examine the area.   A root canal treatment, or endodontic therapy, is needed when the tooth nerve is infected and inflamed.  This can happen if the tooth is injured, cracked, broken or decay (cavity) has reached the nerve.  A root canal treatment involves removing the nerve and then sealing the canal to protect the tooth from further damage.  A crown may be needed after the root canal to protect the integrity of the remaining tooth structure. 

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