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Can I have veneers even if I grind my teeth?

veneers for grinding teeth | Albuquerque, NM | Essenmacher Family DentalThere Are Options For You

Chances are that if you are interested in teeth veneers, you have had some damage to your natural teeth that led you to this decision. Many of the patients who come to our Albuquerque dental office wanting veneers have dealt with a chronic tooth grinding habit that resulted in shortened and worn-down looking teeth.

One of the risks of having veneers while managing bruxism (teeth grinding) habit is preventing the same level of damage to your dentistry that occurred on the natural teeth. In most cases, we recommend that patients wear an upper or lower nightguard to protect teeth during sleep.

Nightguards Protect Veneers

Custom nightguards require impressions and a fitting appointment. Occasional adjustments to the surface of the nightguard will help keep the bite balanced and support relaxed jaw muscles. Teeth grinding patterns will wear down the surface of the nightguard, and for it to continue protecting your veneers, we recommend bringing it to each of your six-month appointments.

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