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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Dental Emergencies and Extractions

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Choosing a dentist is an important decision! After all, your dentist is a part of your healthcare team. Many patients have questions about a new practice. Here are some of the most popular questions we receive. If you have another question that is not listed here, we encourage you to call and speak to one of our helpful team members.

Dental Emergencies and Extractions

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Albuquerque, NM | Essenmacher Family DentalTeens and young adults should undergo a wisdom teeth evaluation to determine the presence of wisdom teeth, how they are developing, and if they will create pain or bite-related problems.

Because wisdom teeth, also called third molars, are so far back in the mouth, they can pose oral health challenges.

  • Infection
  • Gum disease
  • Decay
  • Pain

Our jaws have developed with the modern diet, and many patients do not have enough space in their jaws for wisdom teeth to erupt straight and aligned. Often, they will put pressure on adjacent teeth, which can cause pain or overcrowding. Sometimes wisdom teeth cannot emerge through the gums and remain impacted, which requires an extraction.

It is for these reasons that most dentists recommend having wisdom teeth removed. It is often best to have this done before they begin to put pressure on nearby teeth of shift the bite.

Comfortable, Easy Extractions

We provide comfortable dental extractions in our Albuquerque dental office, and for patients with complex extractions, we work with a number of skilled oral surgeons in our area.

If you have questions about wisdom teeth and live in the Albuquerque of Northeast Heights areas, contact Essenmacher Family Dental to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Lindsay Essenmacher.

root canal albuquerque nm ‚ÄčIf You're Experiencing Pain, See A Doctor

If you’re experiencing pain on a tooth when biting down, or with temperature- usually hot, or with no stimulus at all, it's best to have the tooth examined.   We want you out of pain so scheduling toothaches is a priority – usually the same day.   At your visit we will take x-rays and examine the area.   A root canal treatment, or endodontic therapy, is needed when the tooth nerve is infected and inflamed.  This can happen if the tooth is injured, cracked, broken or decay (cavity) has reached the nerve.  A root canal treatment involves removing the nerve and then sealing the canal to protect the tooth from further damage.  A crown may be needed after the root canal to protect the integrity of the remaining tooth structure. 

replace a missing tooth in Albuquerque, NM | Essenmacher Family DentalWe Offer Options That Work for You

At Essenmacher Family Dental we have several different options to replace missing teeth.  Often the most desired option is a dental implant.  An oral surgeon or periodontist places the post of the implant below the gum line. After healing has occurred and the implant has stabilized in the bone, Dr. Essenmacher will take an impression (mold), and a local, highly skilled dental lab technician will custom create a tooth that fits perfectly in the missing tooth’s place. 


Another option to replace a missing tooth is a bridge. A bridge can be used if the missing tooth is in between two existing teeth. The existing teeth would have crowns placed on them and they would be attached to the replacement tooth in the middle.  Both implants and bridges are cemented into place, so they do not come in and out and are very natural-looking replacements for missing teeth.

Partial and Complete Dentures

A partial denture can also be used, and is a reasonable option especially when multiple teeth are missing on one arch. A partial denture is a removable appliance that can have a metal or acrylic base.  Acrylic teeth are then placed on the base to replace missing teeth.  It is held in by clasps that surround the remaining teeth.

If all the teeth are missing, a traditional denture can be used, or we can fabricate a prosthesis that is supported by implants for better retention.

Dr. Essenmacher would be happy to sit down with you and discuss all your options, so we can find the solution that best meets your needs.

dental emergency treatment in Albuquerque, NM | Essenmacher Family DentalHere For Your Emergencies

We understand that sometimes, despite your best efforts to take care of your smile and practice good oral hygiene habits, dental emergencies still happen.

At Essenmacher Family Dental, we always do our very best to accommodate dental emergencies immediately and are often able to schedule an emergency appointment that very same day. 

Often, patients are not sure if they should call our office for an emergency appointment because they are not sure if their situation qualifies as a true “emergency.” If your level of pain is severe enough that it is preventing you from performing your daily tasks, call our office. 

If you lost part of your tooth due to biting too hard or other trauma or impact, call our office. 

If you have lost a filling, crown, or implant, call our office. If you have suffered any damage to your teeth or are experiencing new, sudden symptoms that are causing severe pain or discomfort, call our office.

Every one of Albuquerque, NM patients is important to us. If you are in doubt about whether your injury would be considered a dental emergency, do not hesitate to contact us at (505) 881-0331.

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