Root Canal Treatment in Albuquerque NM

man with tooth pain | Root Canal Treatment in Albuquerque NMHaving an infection in your tooth is no fun. Many times, the only way to relieve uncomfortable symptoms is with root canal treatment.

Even though you may have some preconceived notions about root canal therapy, you can rest assured that you are in good hands at Essenmacher Family Dental where we put patient health and comfort first.

How Root Canal Treatment Works

When you have an infection inside your tooth or at the tip of your root, the first symptom is often pain or inflammation. Sometimes the infection occurs due to trauma or deep decay. Sometimes it comes from an unknown cause. We will diagnose your condition by taking an x-ray and performing other tests to check the vitality of your tooth.

Once Dr. Essenmacher determines that root canal therapy is necessary to relieve your symptoms and save your tooth, she will get started by making sure you are completely comfortable for your procedure.

Next, Dr. Essenmacher will make a small access to your tooth’s root canal where she will remove any diseased or infected tissue using precision instruments designed for accuracy and comfort. Once she cleans the area, she will fill the canal with an inert material, medication that will assist with healing, and seal your tooth with a temporary restoration.

After Your Root Canal Treatment

diagram of a tooth | Root Canal Treatment in Albuquerque NMAfter your treatment, we will give your body time to heal. It is completely normal to feel some sensitivity after having root canal therapy, but as each day passes, you will feel better. We will schedule a follow up appointment to check your healing and place a permanent restoration to protect your tooth.

After root canal therapy, your tooth will be more susceptible to damage because it becomes brittle. A dental crown will help absorb some of the force from chewing and prolong the life of your tooth. We create custom porcelain crowns designed to match your smile and feel comfortable.

Why Save Your Tooth?

You might wonder why we go to such lengths to save your tooth when it would be easier to remove it. It is important, however, to keep your natural teeth whenever possible. When you lose teeth, you can begin to lose the bone that is the foundation for your smile. 

Missing teeth leave gaps in your smile that affect not only your appearance, but also your bite. Your remaining teeth will tip toward the gap in your smile, disturbing the natural balance of your bite. A misaligned bite can cause tooth loss, sensitivity, and fractured teeth. 

We work hard to save your teeth because it is the best thing for your health and appearance!

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