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Modern dentistry offers many improvements that make treatment more comfortable, efficient, and longer lasting for our patients. Lindsay Essenmacher, DDS, is committed to continuing education and to the implementation of any technology that will give you better results. Listed here is some of the technology we use in our office to make your dental appointments the best experience possible.

CEREC Same-Day Crowns

image of a CEREC system that integrates cad | Albuquerque NM

CEREC technology allows us to eliminate the need for a dental lab for most restorative cases. Digital scanning sends information to our computer software and gives us the ability to create strong, beautiful, long-lasting restorations while you wait.


Soft Tissue Laser

Image of a soft tissue laser | Albuquerque NM

If you suffer from periodontal disease, soft tissue lasers can eliminate bacteria and promote healing much faster than traditional surgery and without pain. Patients report faster healing times and greater satisfaction from their treatment.

We also use soft tissue lasers in gingival sculpting, frenectomies, and other periodontal treatments.

Digital X-Rays

Image of a device used for digital x-rays | Albuquerque NM


Digital dental x-rays offer high-resolution images to make early diagnosis easier than ever.

Dental x-rays have always been among the lowest in radiation. With the implementation of digital dental x-rays, we have reduced that amount by 80-90%. In sunny climates, like ours, you absorb more radiation from sunlight than from digital dental x-rays. Another added bonus is that digital imaging is better for the environment because we eliminate the need for chemicals to develop the film.

Intraoral Camera

Image of an Intraoral Camera | Albuquerque NM

An intraoral camera allows us to take high resolution pictures inside even the smallest areas of your mouth. This is useful in diagnosis of certain conditions, design of cosmetic treatment plans, and in patient education. With our intraoral camera, we can show you what we see so that you fully understand your condition and the benefits of various treatment options.


Image of a device used to administer local anesthetic | Albuquerque NM

The DentalVibe system allows us to administer local anesthetic with little to no pain, making your experience with us a more comfortable one.

The WAND - Single Tooth Anesthesia

image of a tool used for single tooth anesthesia | Albuquerque NM

The WAND allows us to numb a single tooth rather than a large area of your mouth, so that you will not have a numb face for hours after your appointment.  It also is a more comfortable injection, making your experience with us a more pleasant one!

Mercury-Free Dentistry

We believe that dentistry can be beautiful as well as functional. We focus on restorations that not only strengthen and repair your teeth, but also preserve the beauty of your natural smile. We offer tooth-colored fillings and crowns in order to give you both protection and beauty in your dentistry.

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